PrimaryIO is a start-up based in Silicon Valley that develops software solutions to dramatically increase application performance in the most cost effective and least disruptive way imaginable.

Big data, web and database applications are stressing the limits of traditional IT architectures because storage performance has not kept pace with compute capabilities. Eliminating this bottleneck has become a top priority for IT organizations globally. PrimaryIO provides software solutions that leverage application policy based management to dramatically increase application performance. Our software dynamically accelerates primary data and I/O for business critical workloads by efficiently utilizing server-side flash, while at the same time avoiding costly server and storage upgrades.

PrimaryIO’s unique Application Performance Acceleration (APA) technology (patents pending) intelligently deploys policy based acceleration profiles based on important application components to deliver maximum I/O performance with minimum resources. Database transactions stored in tables, indexes that speed up queries or the most important web pages to a business are just a few examples. Tier 1 databases supported include Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, and MongoDB that can be optimized to run up to 18x faster without any modifications to the application.

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